Saturday, March 15, 2008

Because Nativity Sets Weren't Enough...

Resurrection Figurine Set

Also known as "Jesus Christ Superstar Meets Thomas Kinkade".

Pay tribute to the importance of the season. This beautifully detailed figurine set depicts Christ gloriously rising from the grave on Easter morning. A striking LED light pours from the empty tomb signifying his resurrection. The awed onlookers include Mary Magdalen, an angel, 2 faithful disciples, a village woman, and a lamb. Requires 2 'AA' batteries. Each approx. 5'H.

Are the onlookers awed by "Christ gloriously rising from the grave", or by the "striking LED light" pouring from the empty tomb? My money would be on the LED light, since electricity hadn't even been discovered yet. What's next? The Veggie Tales version???