Friday, December 14, 2007

And I Thought Blow-Mold Was Bad...

(Click to view the picture full-size.)

It's the inflatable Nativity petting zoo!

Who came up with this bright idea??? Not only is it inflatable, it lights up, too!

I'm probably going to go to hell for this, but take a closer look at the picture. For starters, check out the size of Joseph's beard. It's bigger than the rest of his head! Now, look at the Baby Jesus. What is He wearing??? Cellophane??? Glad Wrap???

Also, why do they all look like they're dancing to "Hands Up"? Look at Mary, singing "Gimme your heart. Gimme, gimme your heart".

The sad part is that most of these inflatable lawn decorations eventually end up spontaneously deflating, and this will probably look more like an episode of "CSI: Bethlehem" than a Nativity before Christmas is over.
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