Friday, December 01, 2006

A Cannibal Christmas

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From the Hannibal Lecter ornament collection.

Santa's Christmas dinner will consist of Gingerbread Man liver, served with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Festive after-dinner mints will be also be provided. Posted by Picasa

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To begin the commentary:
12/22/2007 10:06:18 AM; ©☼♀☺∞®2/3@Fl.; John Wesley Blum.

Re: Revelation’s truth concerning a “’kingdom as of yet”’, which is being established.

The truth concerning the Revelation is that it is occurring and will occur without being changed by any due to the means in which it takes place; God is beyond time, his son Jesus Christ was crucified, dead, buried, and arisen to witness what will occur; as the heir to this new Earth. Lessons I have learned are for the benefit of all who believe this truth, and one important lesson is that of not following and/or worshipping satan who is establishing a “’kingdom as of yet”’ in a challenge against God and his son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the “King of kings”, “Lord of lords”, and “Lord of hosts” which covers the truth concerning how humanity has survived what would, should, and could cause death to those not making deals with satan. Deals with satan usually include a promise to be a part of this establishing of a “’kingdom as of yet”’, and the lesson for the day is to read the Revelation’s scripture relative to the feast of the birds in the air and other animals who will feed upon the flesh of these kings and queens who are against God, yet are establishing this “’kingdom as of yet”’. The Revelation will occur and is unable to be changed by any; so, this scripture is a warning to those who deny this truth. The feast concerns the death of those who are against God, have ritualized in manners of murder, cannibalism, beastiality, and other perversions of life, and have established a “’kingdom as of yet”’ against Jesus Christ who is the heir to the new Earth because of his life lived over 2007 years ago. The feast is the end result of what has occurred, and is a reaping of what has been sown sevenfold. Do not become a part of this “’kingdom as of yet”’ because the Revelation is clear as to what occurs towards those who are the leaders and followers of those who worship satan. The end result of this “’kingdom as of yet”’ is that of the animals feasting upon the bodies of those who have ritualized in this manner, as we (the people who believe in God and have not followed or worshipped satan) were stated to be animals who were ritualized against by those of this “’kingdom as of yet”’.
12/22/2007 10:17:05 AM; ©☼♀☺∞®2/3@Fl.; John Wesley Blum.

12/23/2007 2:01:32 PM; ©☼♀☺∞®2/3@Fl.; John Wesley Blum.

Re: Proof of here on Earth, Revelation, Witnessing of truth, and Since the beginning.

Proof here on Earth of the Revelation being an exact truthful witnessing of what will occur is based upon creation and the beginning of life on Earth; “Let ‘us’ create them in ‘our’ likeness” is a basis of this truth being God is Father and Mother to all life on Earth. Because of this truth concerning Adam and Eve being the two children created in the likeness of God, the Revelation’s relative truth in respect to the beginning of time would be based upon the defilement of the “Temple of God” since the touching and eating of the unclean within the midst of the “Garden of Eden”. This defilement was a disobeyance of God, and a disobeyance is as a challenge towards God due to the truth of children being given all the knowledge necessary to live, learn, and grow in a positive manner without causing harm to themselves; such as God stating that if they touch or ate of the unclean they would surely die. This type of advice and knowledge is based completely on love for the children created, yet also based upon the allknowingness of God in respect to what occurred in the Heavens before this event.
Lucifer is the oldest son of God, and while in the Heavens challenged God and was cast from the Heavens; the reasons being unknown for surety as to why. However, because God created Adam and Eve in their likeness, Adam’s and Eve’s first born son was the oldest as was Lucifer; Cain being this child who challenged God also by killing his brother Abel, yet this challenge took place on Earth and not in the Heavens. What this means is that the relative truth is that Cain is as Lucifer, the oldest child of God, yet on Earth where the challenge occurred and after the unclean was touched and eaten; Adam and Eve were created in the likeness of God, were given everlasting life, and were as God until the touching and eating of the unclean, then became God-like.
This relative truth furthers in that Cain was punished by God through the “’marking”’ thereof for a punishment of sevenfold, and because Lucifer was cast from the heavens to Earth, Cain’s deal with the “”whore and beast”’ through this connection of relativeness became known as the “’mark of beast”’ which is the connection to Lucifer, satan, the great dragon, etc… The Revelation discusses this in parable, yet what this refers to in respect to what is occurring today is that the challenge against God is that of what occurred within the Heavens, yet here on Earth as Cain is as Lucifer, and the lineages thereof are those who have denied God’s existence ever since.
Simply put, the basis of Revelation on Earth is that of the denial of God by those who have challenged God on Earth, yet were cast from the Heavens before the creation of Earth when the first challenge occurred. The stupidity of this is that if a group of followers of satan were cast from the Heavens as was Lucifer, then why would they challenge God on the Earth God created. The Earth is a tiny speck of dirt when viewed from the Heavens, and this smallness is relative to how those of evil who have challenged God throughout history have become small within the eyes of God which are the eyes of life, love, and creation thereof. The smallness of hell, in comparison, is as the first casting from the Heavens to Earth, and then from the Earth to the hell created within. God is fair, has given all the knowledge, awareness, information, love, and care necessary for all God’s children to make the right choice, yet there are always those who feel big, even when made small.
12/23/2007 2:48:44 PM; ©☼♀☺∞®2/3@Fl.; John Wesley Blum.

This is what life is about, following, read this:
Whoever you may be...immaculately.
Perfected somewhat.

How could words within an imperfect world
propose as beautifully as your daughter is
in respect to loveliness of her birth?

God's will has married you to me
through purity of creation.
Your beauty is understood
through conception of Light.

Words would only taint perfection
'of creation and God's will.
To taint perfection 'of God
is not my intent; ever.
Lasting life.

As life living forever
through belief in God,
acceptance of Christ;
a "Lamb of God"; John.
John Wesley Blum
Copyright ©2007 John Wesley Blum
For my imperfections forgiven, a child created and others born. For my belief in God and acceptance of Christ, an immaculate conception; witnessed. For my vows made and upheld, a marriage. For my belief and trust of the witnessing of Jesus Christ, Revelation’s end of torture and torment; we become a “Lamb and Bride”. With all children’s tears wiped away, a celebration of a thousand years within a day; the day of marriage of the “Lamb of God” and “Bride to be”; included are we.